Women living together in the 21th Century

deutsche Version: Frauen-Wohnprojekte

There are historic projects of women living together, such as

For more information have a look at a summary written by dutch women.

And there are also new projects of women living together which have developed in the last years  – showing very different forms of organisational structure – such as:

in Germany

  • Beginenhof Lieselotte in Tännich, 1992-2005
  • Kooperiendes Wohnen alleinerziehender Frauen in Marburg, 1992
  • Bauen für Kinder – Wohnen mit Kindern in Hannoversch-Münden, 1992

in Austria

in France

  • La maison des Babayagas in Montreuil near Paris, older women live together and are political active, since Oktober 2012

in Canada

  • ……
  • ……

And there are plans for new projects as well, such as

among those are also cultural centers, such as:

Sorry I am just aware of projects in Germany and a little of neighbouring countries, and I am very interested to learn about project of women living together in other parts of the world.
It would be very nice if you feed in information about other projects!!!!

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